Uji, Her Bowties, and The Sensuality Practice

Friends ask, “Uji, do you think I can wear bow ties?” "Uji, do I have a bowtie face? I've always been a necktie man." 

I get it. Some think only certain men are fit for such a privilege. It doesn’t matter who asks. My answer to all of you is not only YES you can but you should. EVERYONE should wear bowties and more often. 


Because untying a bow is one of the most sensual acts there is. 

Imagine a gift box wrapped in a bow and pulling that bow undone.  Whether slowly or passionately fast, it makes your body heat up a little, lubricates your mind with excitement in revealing something precious and unknown. Not only that, before there were buttons and zippers, tying was the mode of fastening garments. Instead of unbuttoning or unzipping, we untied. Think Kimono or Hanbok (Korean traditional dress.) Wearing Hanbok requires tying that is similar to the tying of a bow tie, and undressing is all about untying that bow. When tied with a bow, it indicates "easy" untying (undressing) at a later hour. But it is only easy when you tied the bow skillfully.

So when I see a man ties a bowtie with a sense of ease and playfulness, I imagine his hands can perform satisfactory wonders. You might never have thought bowtie-ing a Sensuality Practice, but it certainly is. 

Even though I am pleased, I cannot help but feel a tinge of disappointment when a man hands me a gift box without a bow to untie. Don't break my heart with a “bare” gift; indulge me with the pleasure of untying the bow.

Put A Bow On It. On You! 



P.S. If you are a bowtie virgin and want to begin your BSP (Bowtie Sensuality Practice), I recommend you this bowtie. If you are still a bit shy, this. For pro bowtie men, this and this

P.P.S. I have a friend who simply do not wear ties at all (bowties as well as neckties) because he doesn't know how to tie. If you are one of them, I can confidently say that the time you spent on learning how to tie a bowtie would be well worth your time. And there are many YouTube videos to turn to for instructions. However, if you want to learn from the bow expert, my instructional guide will be ready for you by the time your first bow tie arrives. Check our Instagram then. We will be releasing our guide soon.