Lunch is served. Freshly prepared at my design studio. Prep time 5 min. Himalayan pink salt is the only seasoning used. Often times, that is ALL it takes. Not all salt labeled as Himalayan pink is what it says it is. But if you get the right one (when I found this many years ago, I knew this is it for me,) that has complex and flavorful saltiness, it simplifies your seasoning needs. 

Food is my second passion (along with the music.) I am an Eater; an eater who nibbles. My poor mother had no satisfaction making meals for me because I was nibbling at food, which is often mistakenly viewed as I am not enthusiastic about the food I am eating. Then there is a speed issue. I was once rejected to join the lunch outing with colleagues. I was told, "If you eat faster, you can join us." True story. Anyway, when I prepared this lunch and set down to eat, I couldn't help but think looking down at my tea:

When it comes to kissing (Remember? This is a Kiss Talk), think NIBBLE.  Never lick around the mouth. Do not bite. You are most welcome to “pretend” to bite but only at the right moment. Do not devour the lips. Do not slurp. Do not suck.  N i b b l e.

Oh, and when dining, making noise sinks you down to an uneducated savage level. So keep the MealTime elite (seriously) and save that auditory savagery for KissTime; make a little noise, a delicious mealtime noise when kissing. You must.