Good kiss and they go together? 

I did a Yes/No poll on this, and only a few voiced. The reason was because the majority felt that "it depends." It definitely depends on the mustache, on the person involved, on how long they have been kissing...or it just depends. Maybe, a once-in-a-lifetime great kiss and mustache might go together, but I am looking for a good kiss (it’s the most beautiful thing!)  

Frankly speaking, mustache hair is rather stiff. It tickles, it pokes and scratches... Even for someone like me who loves hairy men (the more hair the hotter), facial hair doesn't affect the same way at all. It Gets In The Way! You well know this feeling, right guys? 


Solution? There could be many, but the kind I could uniquely propose is this — the Must Stache Bow Tie. If you prefer a clean-shaven mouth to kiss, have your man kindly shave and wear the Mustache Bow Tie instead. He can still have his mustache, so to speak, and you can have his Fully Exposed, Easily Accessible Lips to Kiss. You often ask, what do women want? We Want The Same Thing! 



P.S. Every time I see men with their elaborate mustaches, I often wonder what the obsession is all about. So when this bowtie idea hit, I made the first sample for myself. I couldn't wait! I love my "muststache" and I’m wearing it since. I cannot grow a mustache on my face, but I can at least say that I have a mustache! As I do with all my ties, I designed this for Her as well as Him.

P.P.S. The best answer I got so far is (from @skate6347) "a good kiss goes with anything." You know what I want, but it still sounds nice, doesn’t it?