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a.k.a Creative Mending Paaaarty!

We all have a few sweaters that need our attention whether it would be moth holes, general wear-and-tear, stains, or all of the above. Whatever the case, you do not want to wait too long to fix it.

This fun workshop will teach you not only how to creatively fix your beloved sweaters (or the sweaters of your beloved) but to transform and revamp them using the needle felting technique. By the end of the session, you will have reclaimed the lost superpower of mending - giving your clothes a fresh new look and new life.

The workshop is for anyone with an interest in mending: no prior skills necessary. You can bring your wool sweater (or gloves, scarf or socks...) to fix during the session or you can just observe and learn the technique.

All the necessary mending tools, materials, and plenty of one-on-one instruction will be provided for your success. And, of course, there will be wine to help get our creative juices flowing!

Let's do this!